What this is should be quite easy to guess for many of you. Of course it is an eye patch. In fact it belongs to Plissken. We already introduced him to you. Most recently we did this in the 11th door of our advent calendar. Many of you liked what they saw, but some …
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A beloved tradition of ours which is attracting a great deal of attention are our short stories. We publish them around the time of special events like Christmas or Easter. All of them are written by members of our team. In the last years we’ve published lots of them. Because they are spread all over our website, Advent Calendars ans Easter Specials they …
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Server Downtime

February 10th, 2015 | Posted by TrueCore (Head of PR & Web) in Uncategorized - (6 Comments)

Unfortunately our website was down yesterday. The reason for the downtime was a defect on our webhoster’s servers. Meanwhile a back-up was installed. At the moment we can’t judge if data got lost. Thank you for your patience and sorry for any inconveniences.


One of the fan’s biggest points of critique on Gothic 3 was the way too thin story. The CSP made it its mission to change this to the better. But how does a story take shape? And what does the work of a story writer at the Community Story Team (CST) look like? With HerrFenrisWolf …
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The Christmas Markets are open, the rush on the shops has begun and even our Advent Calendar 2014 is starting. Don’t worry if your screens stays wait, loading may take a few seconds. Your feedback is welcome here in the comments as well as in our thread (Englisch and German) on, Facebook and in the …
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Advance Notice: Advent Calender 2014

November 25th, 2014 | Posted by TrueCore (Head of PR & Web) in Uncategorized - (8 Comments)

Who’s this lone wolf sitting there? You can find out about this and many other details in our traditional advent calender. Starting here on December 1.


Fall holds the northern hemisphere in its firm grasp, the nature is beginning to prepare for the upcoming winter and most of the everyday life is taking place indoors. What would be better in such times then a comfy tavern? HerrFenrisWolf was tavern-hopping through Myrtana for you and the following is a report of what …
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WoG Update #1

September 26th, 2014 | Posted by TrueCore (Head of PR & Web) in Allgemein - (8 Comments)

The last release of a Gothic game lies a few years in the past but the game still has a lively community to offer nonetheless. The arguably biggest community is domiciled at the forum. Countless of our developers take part in the lively discussion with the fans of our project there. With all that …
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Today is the day. By adding Russian, CSP’s web page is finally available in three languages: German, English and Russian. At the launch of our revised web page in early August we already announced that there will be completely localized English and Russian versions of our online presence, in addition to the already existing German …
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It’s summer and that means holidays! Even if the weather may indicate something different. We want to help those of you who want to make a spontaneous trip now. Our new series “Holidays in Myrtana” presents the most appealing locations to recreation seekers. In the first part we visit some very beautyful beaches.     …
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